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Previous Integral Relationships

Status: Romantic interest.
At first Shockwave was just a comrade; fellow Decepticon who also had an affinity for collecting data. Over the course of time, the two began to respect each other. On Soundwave's side, he began to desire the scientist -- which was revealed during an event that forced his desires to surface. Shockwave was annoyed at first (understandably) and eventually accepted the unusual fact. Further time down the road -- without them understanding it properly -- emotions developed. It wasn't until before Soundwave's death that the communications officer understood that he actually loved him ...in his own obsessive way, of course.

Status: Awkward adoptive son.
A boy who pretended to be a Transformer through the use of robots and visual trickery. Soundwave discovered him, but due to their developing kinship, he kept him a secret for as long as possible. When ordered to kill Trowa, Soundwave decided instead to brainwash Trowa into forgetting the Decepticons. When Trowa remembered, he was naturally displeased. Through a series of events, the pair were at each other's throats for awhile until agreeing to a truce. Overall, Soundwave came to care about Trowa the way he cares for his tapes.

Status: Another awkward adoptive son.
Not the same Ravage that Soundwave is familiar with; this one is from some sort of odd universe where everything is the opposite. While Ravage is someone Soundwave usually knows to be quiet, sneaky, and stealthy, this one was loud, childish, and friendly. At first Soundwave felt insulted, then eventually came to care about Ravage. In a skewed effort to protect him, Soundwave "attacked" Ravage and drove him off to the Autobots, where Soundwave hoped that he would be happy and safe. They did not speak much afterward, and eventually Soundwave gave his farewell to Ravage before dying.

Current Relationships

Status: Friend, probably best friend.

Status: Friend(?), awesome talking dog.

Status: Friendly little garbage-bot.

Status: Fascinating A.I.

Status: Potential commanding officer.

Status: Former traitorous commanding officer.
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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Alba Aulbath the Albear
OOC Journal: alba_aulbath
Under 18? No
Email/IM: alba_aulbath AT hotmail DOT com
Characters Played at Singularity: Thane Krios

Character Information ;
Name: Soundwave
Name of Canon: Transformers (G1)
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Cape & Cowl.
Reference: For Transformers and for Cape & Cowl.
Canon Point: Post-Transformers film, a few weeks into the Decepticons being banished to Chaar.

Setting: Approximately nine million years ago, there had been a glorious planet known as Cybertron; it was at the peak of its civilization for all of the Cybertronians, also known as the Transformers. It was a peaceful place once, plentiful and happy, until began the third and most devastating Great War. It began due to the power hungry Megatron who formed the Decepticons with Shockwave and Soundwave as his primary followers. From there, the Autobots formed to heroically protect their planet against their warmongering brothers; this faction was lead by the impressive Optimus Prime. Thus it began, the Decepticons versus the Autobots. One faction devoted to taking over and ruling life, the other to protecting it.

Over the course of time, while the war began as a fight for power and individuals simply attempting to protect themselves, eventually it became a war over resources as Cybertron was eventually depleted over the centuries. The main source of energy for all Cybertronians is a substance called energon, which is either naturally formed or synthetically developed from other power sources. In a desperate pitch to win the war, the Autobots went onward to another planet to find resources to overpower the Decepticons, not expecting to be followed by their foes. From here, the two factions fought in space until they crash landed onto a primitive planet, going into stasis for a few million years. It's here this planet is eventually known as Earth, and both sides awaken in the year 1984. Taking upon the appearances of the modern technology, the factions continue to wage war over resources on Earth. The difference being that the Autobots take the time to make alliances with the humans who welcome and coexist with the Cybertronians, whereas the Decepticons are more interested in taking over the universe with various dangerous and often times very silly schemes for the setting, such as time travel, ending up in the past, as well as building giant purple griffins.

Several missions and really weird misadventures later, the biggest part of the war was near the end of it when Megatron planned an ambush on one of the cities made by the Autobots on Earth. Ultimately, it ended in a lot of deaths on both sides which included Optimus Prime himself and Megatron... in way. Eventually, this scenario introduced the frightening and enormous transformer, Unicron -- who was known and feared by many. Unicron himself was immensely powerful, more than many could imagine, but appeared to fear the Autobot Matrix of Leadership for reason unknown at the time. It seemed that the Matrix was the only thing that could destroy Unicron. Regardless, Unicron united with some of the Decepticons, transforming Megatron into the insane Galvatron. However, both Decepticons and Autobots suffered further losses as Unicron tore into Cybertron itself; it was here that both fought against Unicron, yet Galvatron was forced to bend to Unicron's will.

Eventually, the Matrix was utilized by an Autobot named Hot Rod -- later renamed Rodimus Prime -- to defeat Unicron. Due to the losses suffered by the Decepticons, the Autobots won the Great War. The Decepticons were then banashed to a barren planet, Chaar, where many of them suffered and starved due to lack of energon.

It is from here that Cape and Cowl should be introduced; Soundwave and others found themselves being transported to a place that looked immensely like New York, but was never specifically called as such. It was simply known as the City; many people from all sorts of worlds were teleported here by a device known as the Porter -- something that had an A.I. and its own personality, bringing in people as "she" saw fit. To become heroes, or villains; the setting itself is very much of the superhero genre, no matter where the character originally was from.

The plot of Cape and Cowl doesn't appear to come any deeper than that; at times, the Porter would become insulted or feel as though she affect others. Transforming them into different forms, change their personalities, etc. These "events" were random and always against the wills of the affected. Additionally, usually beings who were typically not human would be transformed into such. Soundwave, like the other Cybertronians, fell into this category. Other such examples would be aliens and self-aware animals.

Personality: Mainly, Soundwave is known for his complete and undeterred devotion to the leader of the Decepticons, namely Megatron. It's a curious thing, in that although Soundwave's rank is nothing to really bat an eye about, Megatron holds him in high regards -- and Soundwave does everything he can to keep himself in that comfortable position of having Megatron's trust. It's not out of self-preservation, either, as far as anyone can tell; Soundwave is simply that devoted and loyal to Megatron without sucking up to him or showering him with praise constantly -- which could be why he also has the leader's respect. He's very much focused on doing whatever it takes to preserve the Decepticons and defeat the Autobots, and has no qualms about whatever gets in his way. Utilizing his position as a Communications Officer, Soundwave is very careful about recording information of those around him -- and has no problem using such information to blackmail people to get his way. That aside, data itself is extremely important and interesting to Soundwave. Almost any data of any kind.

Without Megatron around, though, Soundwave finds himself in a less than thrilling position, albeit he has no problem taking his own orders as he considers himself superior to the other Decepticons -- just not to Megatron. Probably the most curious and memorable thing about Soundwave is how he talks, however little he does speak. For all of the robots in Transformers, Soundwave is the only one that actually speaks like one.

On appearance, Soundwave appears to have about the personality of a brick, which is why noting his loyalty to Megatron is pretty much the biggest feature most others may notice. Another is in conjunction to his naming people and things as "superior" and "inferior". There are few in his mind who register as superior. Naturally, this includes Megatron, his Casseticons, and himself. Essentially, almost everyone else is inferior, especially humans.

Prior to his arrival to Cape & Cowl, Soundwave had very limiting emotions -- most notable is his connection to his Cassetticons. They are, essentially, like his children as he did construct them, and has a soft spot for them, spoiling them rotten. What little emotional expression he has is limited to them, particularly when they are in danger. As such, due to their consistent presence, Soundwave is rather unused to being apart from them. The only other emotional response he's ever had has been to music -- one of the only things he enjoys from humanity and feels a special connection to.

Over the course of time at Cape and Cowl, Soundwave developed immensely. Slowly, he became less selfish and more concerned for others, even people he didn't know. On an even stronger level, he became to care about certain humans, something that's a bit of a blasphemy for most Decepticons. Influential on all of this is because of his own physical state of being; he was stuck as a human in all aspects, after all.

In due time, being a human forced Soundwave to recognize his own raw emotions, something he could have easily filtered and ignored as a robot. However, as a human, he became aware of his feelings. In most cases (and still now), Soundwave did not understand them, such as what it meant to be grieving, or what kinds of things made him happy. With the help of some human companions, he was able to work and understand some of them. Soundwave already knew what it meant to be angry, but he learned about sadness, joy, artistic creativity, and to some extent, even love. Not all of these, of course, were innocent emotions; in the case of loving someone, Soundwave was completely unhealthy in the situation, being extremely possessive with his target and stalking everything that his interest was doing.

Because of his emotions, it is harder to control himself. It's easier for Soundwave to throw "temper tantrums", and harder for him to stop himself. While he's grown a lot in his time in the City, Soundwave is possibly even more of a chaotic force now than he was before.

Abilities and Weaknesses:
First and foremost is total sound manipulation. Although canonly Soundwave is able to utilize sound to brainwash people or for some minor damage, it's not exactly an ability he's used more than once or twice. His new power in the city will give him access to complete sound manipulation, which covers a few interesting areas when you get down to it:

(a) He's capable of muting certain sounds. For example, if he wanted to ignore Starscream, he would mute Starscream's voice from his ears, giving him sweet relief from Starscream's shrieky voice.
(b) Enhance sounds in a small area. Such as, he could increase the noises of construction workers if they're within a 100 foot radius.
(c) Interfere with verbal communication. (ex: Character A says "What's up, Billy?" and Character B hears, "Derka derka.")
(d) Some mild brainwashing utilizing ultrasonic frequencies. However, anyone with a strong will/sense will not be affected by this. Were Soundwave to work on a large scale (speakers, etc.), the affect would be much stronger.
(e) Using sound at a strong level to cause destruction (a sonic boom, so to speak). He can also concentrate sound vibrations on a defined scale to cause things to shatter/explode, depending on what they are.
(f) Able to verbally "playback" any voice or noise he hears.
(g) A loud, piercing sonic shriek from his mouth.
(h) Sensitive hearing (is related to part A, of course).
All of the above is, of course, keeping in mind that his powers will take some time to get control over. He won't learn all of these techniques overnight, after all.

Other abilities will include: Having the unusual ability to pick up any instrument in the universe and immediately know how to play it, and additionally will know how to dance anything he sees even if it's just once -- and with that, he has enhanced agility. Thus, typically, his fighting style is very musically inclined.

Weaknesses, on the other hand. Despite his powers, Soundwave is still physically a human, and is just as fragile as one. He has powers, but he's definitely not invincible. Considering his powers, Soundwave has extremely sensitive hearing and ears; he can mute and lower the volume of noise, but if something catches him off surprise, it will stun him quite easily.

Additionally, he has a fear of drowning because of his fragile body, and can succumb to his own emotions as they are, often, extremely difficult to control. Usually, this means he angers fairly easily.

Inventory: Robotic suit that provides Soundwave with flight and protection; it also allows Soundwave to have control over his robotic drones, which he currently does not have. At this time, the suit is damaged to the point of not working, and will require repairs.
Appearance: Soundwave will be human for his time in Singularity rather than his original Cybertronian form he was constructed with.

The Decepticon stands at about 6'2"; his build is of lean muscle, which suits his flexibility and gymnastic approach to battle situations as a human. Over time, he has let his dark blue hair grown out, and is BADLY in need of a haircut. Typically, one does not usually see his red eyes, due to the fact that he's usually wearing a pair of red sunglasses; outside of his robotic suit, Soundwave will either dress very sharply, in a military-esque uniform, or completely relaxed in a blue hoodie of some kind.

Age: Approximately five million years old, give or take. Over nine million, if one counts his time in stasis mode.

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:


Sharply, his eyes open and his gasps in air to his lungs as he stumbles out from the teleporter. His last memories are--


Shockwave and him, on the roof. The detonator in his chest.

Saying good-bye.

Promising to do what he could to return.

Shockwave. Where was Shockwave?

Immediately, he brings up his wrist, expecting to be able to dial into the network or Shockwave's personal computer console. However, quickly, he realizes that his suit is far too damaged. A major chunk of the chest is missing and scorched. Pieces in general are gone.

That won't work. Everything but maneuverability is gone.

Fine. Then. He'll have to locate him by hearing. The pulse of Shockwave's spark is like a fingerprint to him; it's unique, and he's grown so used to hearing it that knows what to expect.

Soundwave shuts his eyes and he increases the wavelength, expecting to hear him. Miles and miles away, he could always hear Shockwave's spark. He nearly went mad when it was gone once.

But nothing. Not a fragging thing.

Nothing sounded right, either. This isn't the City, this wasn't even Earth!

A shriek rips from him and Soundwave slams a fist on the ground. Anger and grief takes over; he reacts irrationally, throwing sonic boom after sonic boom into the floor, tenting and tearing metal.

What was the point of everything if he was just going to be torn away from everything he wanted to keep?!

Find a way. To make it take him back. The City was an infuriating place to be, but he's already lost his Cassetticons. He cannot bear to be parted from Shockwave now.

Network Sample: